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Built-in agitators

Built-in agitators are agitators for installation from above onto a suitably dimensioned agitator nozzle or agitator flange. The agitators shown here are i.d.R. used for homogenizing, circulating and levitating. Agitators are a central component of the storage technology in most dosing systems. Here, agitators, in combination with a pipeline designed for circulation, ensure homogeneity of the raw materials and thus high quality during dosing. Subsequent QC measures (night sounds, etc.) are significantly reduced with the correct process engineering design of the storage system.



Barrel agitators

Barrel agitators are used for hobbocks, barrels, metal containers and other containers with lids. For this purpose, the provided lid of the container for receiving a stirrer is modified. The lid agitator is a top-mounted agitator, as it is designed for quick change and is simply placed on the container and locked. The advantage of these agitators is that they can be stirred directly in the delivery container. In storage systems of dosing systems, these agitators are used when no storage tank or storage container is available, in which the drum contents can be transferred or a circulation line does not ensure adequate mixing.


IBC agitators

IBC agitators – also called container stirrers or traverse stirrers – are agitators that are installed on a carrier. These agitators belong to the group of top-mounted stirrers because they are only installed temporarily on an exchangeable container. The carrier is carried out, for example, with 1,000 L plastic IBCs in the form of a transverse support and locked on the stirred container. Most IBC stirrers are designed with a hinged stirrer, as the plastic IBCs have only a very small opening.


Tripod agitators

Tripod agitators are used for stirring in drums, metal containers, IBCs or small containers. In this case, the options “free-standing”, “wall-mounted”, “floor / wall-mounted” or a “mobile version” are suitable for installation. With the exception of the mobile version, all tripods are installed in a fixed location. The lifting and lowering of the agitator from the container is usually pneumatic, but also electrical lifting device are possible. The stirrer drives in turn can – as with all agitators – also be performed pneumatically or electrically.


Nonstandard agitators

There are many applications that can not be covered with a simple “standard agitator”. From the detailed adaptation of individual basic agitators, to the new design for a special container, to the fully automatic process integration with automatic cleaning system, there are different requirements.

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